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Phoenix Breakthrough (Jan 2021)

Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Remove thoughts and emotions that are making you 'stuck' and make positive changes to make your vision come true!

Do you feel stuck in life? Perhaps you are going through a difficult situation for a long time and needing to make a positive change. Maybe you have a successful and peaceful life, but you don’t feel happy in your heart. Or, you might simply be feeling bored with your life.

This ‘stuck’ feeling comes when your heart knows you deserve better in your life. People try something new to change the status-quo. New service/product, new marketing plan, new eating habit, new fitness program, etc. But often, they get disappointed with the outcome. Why? because their ‘new things’ is not really new; they are still within their comfort zone, not enough to cause a substantial change that they wish for.

Comfort zone is made of fear-based rules and conditions that help you avoid risks, ensuring peace and safety in your life. It influences your thoughts at the level of subconscious and doesn’t allow you to think ‘out of the box.’ This is why many people stay stuck for a long period of time and get frustrated.

To get out of ‘stuck’ state, you need more than ‘something new’ inside your comfort zone. You need to break through the barrier and begin to create a new version of your life that brings you to a whole new level of joy and happiness.
So, here’s my suggestion: dare to get beyond your comfort zone! I have prepared for you a series of discussion and exercises to do so. The good news is that you are not alone. Together, we can create a breakthrough. Let’s enjoy this process and discover something that is really new about yourself!



  • Gain perspective of your soul about your life.
  • Healing the weak aspect of yourself.
  • Experience activating the highest version of yourself.
  • Experience renowned identity inspired by people you admire.
  • Create your future vision from your deepest desires.
  • Experience the energy of the vision as if it is happening now.
  • Create action plan for your vision.
  • Practice receiving advice to overcome obstacles.
  • Increase your commitment.


Time: LA 7am, Mexico 9am, Kiev 5pm, Moscow 6pm, Almaty 9pm


Main language: English

Translation confirmed: Russian, Spanish

Translation to be arranged upon request: Portuguese

Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

2. Class Recordings

3. Class Pictures


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

Phoenix Breakthrough Certificate of Completion
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